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Now, I can't quite explain why you've come looking for a commandline client and want screenshots, but in the true spirit of dedication and love that we feel for our client and our users, here are a few of them.

As you can see, a colorful display provides information about the current number of reachable hosts, lists the current network connections, and the current uploads and downloads.

Total network bandwidth used by connections for protocol overhead and file transfers are listed separately. Individual sections of information - network details, uploads, downloads, all transfers, or open connections, can all be read separately with ease and speed.

Once you've decided what you want to find, getting a list of the current searches being run (and they're updated continuously until deleted) is simple; the list command will show you your current searches, the number of results that have been found to date, and their current state.

Note that some are listed as "AUTOGET" - it means that in a previous search, we decided to download certain files. A search is run to discover specific other servers carrying that file; the results of that search will be used to create a list of servers to attempt to transfer the file from, and if mutella is restarted before that file is completed, the transfer will be resumed as new search results arrive.

Each result is numbered, and listed in groups according to the query it belongs to.

It lists, in an order defined by the user, the search results according to criteria. Each result lists one or more locations, file lengths, the average speed of locations within the group for that result. Each location lists the client, an estimation of the client's speed and the time of download, and the client type.

Back in the transfers list, after selecting a handful of files for download, the info command provides transfer details - each file selected for download becomes a search for that file's specific details. Each server is listed; connections will be made in parallel in the hopes of finding the fastest possible server to recieve the file from at any point in time.

By making these connections, we ensure the best possible transfer rate; this minimizes the need to perform split transfers - the current mechanism guarantees the fastest rate from all available servers, instead of possibly selecting slow servers for partial transfer.

Screenshots were taken on MacOS X 10.1.3
on top-of-tree Mutella 0.3.9b by Gregory Block.

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