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Latest Release: 0.4.5
Current in CVS: 0.4.5



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What's new in v0.4.5 (Release)

  • Stability regained - no crashes anymore
  • Consistent tracking of all the file we have ever touched
  • Support for gcc 3.4.x
  • Documentation updates
  • "WhiteList" support to guarantee upload slots to given IPs or nets
  • Access to settings via HTTP UI
  • Sorting of searches and results in HTTP UI
  • Download rate limiting
  • Naitive daemon mode (no neew for screen anymore)
  • Command line support
  • Local Unix socket text-mode UI added (best accessed with mutella_sio program)
  • Some options have been renamed
  • Re-search problem fixed. This hhould please the GDF
  • Initial GGEP support
  • Support for BYE message
  • Memory allocation updated to produce less fragmentation
  • Various bugfixes

What's new in v0.4.3 (Release)

  • Ultrapeer support, both leaf mode and ultrapeer mode (experimental)
  • GnuWebCache support
  • Sha1 hashing of local files
  • Uploads now support URI requests
  • More fair download queuing
  • URI requests instead of /get/x/ in downloads
  • SHA1 searches (experimental)
  • 'erase' command to delete searches and partial files
  • Upload logging
  • Blacklist accepts subnets
  • Cookie support in remote-ui
  • Bug fixed in downloads (seen as hanging downloads after reaching 100%)
  • Various patches applied and bugs fixed

What's new in v0.4.1 (Release)

  • Cygwin fixes (now seem to be working again)
  • Added support for user auto-get searches
  • Approximate size matching is now possible for user searches
  • Option to share download directory (with no sub-directories)
  • Modified results grouping algorithm (made more agressive)
  • New very accurate and efficient bandwidth limiting for connections
  • Clever removal of ineffective connections (which send us no results)
  • Blacklist (by IP)
  • Word-filter to ignore certain types of content
  • Memory and CPU use optimised
  • Possible crash situations fixed

What's new in v0.4 (Release)

  • Downloads reimplemented to improve speed, performance, and stability.
  • Persistent host cache to enable quick and reliable connection on startup
  • Manual page added
  • Port to MacOS X complete.
  • A beefed-up Autoconf system that supports 2.13 and 2.5x users
  • GCC 3.x support
  • Support added for systems which do not support poll()
  • Major internal architectural changes to UI handling
  • A built-in HTTP-based user interface with simple HTTP server
  • A really solid UI for managing and controlling Mutella remotely
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements

Whats new in v0.3.3 (Release)

  • Debugged in extra-high load conditions (~200 uploads, ~8Mb/s upload bandwidth)
  • User-adjustable color support in terminal
  • Searches now can be stored between sessions
  • Support for Gnutella protocol v0.6 for both incoming and outgoing connections with automatic roll back to v0.4
  • "Kill" command added to 'kill' downloads completely including partial files, searches, etc
  • "ReachableForPush" setting added to filter out search results from private subnets if they are inaccessible
  • Options are now separated into sections
  • All profile-related information has moved to ~/.mutella subdirectory
  • Internal API refined, event support introduced (developers)
  • Various fixes and performance improvements

Whats new in v0.3.2 (Release)

  • Support for exclusive searches
  • Support for auto-connect hosts
  • Initial support for Gnutella protocol v6
  • Compiles on the recent Cygwin distribution
  • Bug-fixes

Whats new in v0.3 (Release)

  • Considerable efforts have been made to make Mutella BSD-friendly
  • Improved conection handling to enable bandwidh limiting and better connection selection
  • Upload/Download now take advantage of asyncroneous file access which enables sharing of files on slow devices like CD-roms or using NFS partitions for download
  • Paged output with terminal size detection
  • Unix-like pipeline syntax, e.g. 'res | grep something'
  • Much impoved help system. Now help for Mutela options is available
  • Few new commands like 'version' added
  • Bugs fixed

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