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Mutella Tools
Eric Aksomitis has contributed a collection of shell/perl scripts. Three shell scripts ( enable to *daemonise* Mutella and to communicate with the daemon using a named pipe. One more shell script enables to symlink files/directories to Mutella's share dir. An additional PERL script provides a nice interface to analyse upload logs.

Download mutella_tools.tar.gz.

Mutella Web Interface (MUWI)
Ralph Pape and Sebastian Ritterbusch have developed a PERL wrapper around Mutella which enables client-server type of interface to the program and, most interestingly, can act at cgi-script, that is to provide HTTP interface to all Mutella terminal-mode commands. You need HTTP server though to be able use this feature. Be sure to distinguish MUWI from the internal HTTP interface provided by Mutella version 0.4 and later.

You'll find MUWI in the Downloads section.

Steven L. Fountain wrote an automation script in PERL, which wraps and extends some of Mutella's functionality. It is available at

That's what Steven writes about it:

Autonuts is a superior MP3 downloading aid written in Perl to automate downloading of songs by a specific band or group. It spawns a connection to Gnutella using mutella and IPC::Open2, connects and waits for an appropriate network horizon, performs a search, waits for enough results, processes the list to find uniques using Soundex, and runs through the list of unique files to grab, queues them all, and then finally rests for 20 minutes (you can change it if you like) and dies off after all the requests have been shouted off.

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