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Mutella is a terminal-mode Gnutella client with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Initially written by Max for himself, Mutella has now been released to the general public for the benefit of all of us in need of a solid, high-performance client.

Mutella supports all the functionality required to participate as a full-featured node in the Gnutella network. "Full-featured" implies support for file search, download and sharing.

Optimized for a high-bandwidth connection, it sets standards for the server performance and stability. However, Mutella is also happy to run on a modest-speed line.

Have thick pipes - you may be of help to let us develop Mutella further!

Currently, Max, the main developer of Mutella is lacking an open broadband internet connection. If someone you you guys happen to have one along with some spare disk space and CPU cycles please go ahead and contact Max (
Thanks in advance,

NEW! After a long silence we have finally released the new Mutella version 0.4.5. It contains sone nice new features and multiple bugfixes. Go try it out for yourself, you won't be dissapointed! Binary packages will be comming soon after I return from two-week holidays.

Highlighted features:

  • Support for Gnutella version 0.6 protocol including Ultrapeers, both Leaf and Ultra modes
  • Improved connectivity via GnuWebCache
  • SHA1 Hashing
  • Real multiple search support (~100 searches work fine)
  • Passive search (all query-reply packets are checked against local search list)
  • Automatic re-submission of the queries
  • Unlimited download retry
  • Automatic search for alternative locations when download fails to start immediately
  • Auto-get function for broken downloads
  • Beautiful, ergonomic, and information-rich web 'remote control' support
  • Many more...

Still to do:

  • Pong-Caching
  • GGEP
  • Extraction of metainformation from library contents
  • Support for specifying metainformation in search results
  • Segmented Downloads

If you're interested in joining the project, visit the Mutella project page at SourceForge.

Feel free to contact the developers through their sourceforge mail addresses:

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